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Who am I? I was born in Stroud and had a local education, then went off to study Politics at Lancaster University. I emerged determined to doing something practical for a while and set up a business growing and selling organic vegetables locally. After a period of illness [and discovery of the benefits of acupuncture!] I moved into the field of special needs sheltered housing. The life stories of the people I worked with entranced me and a desire to help the individual, gardening and tending people, was born - that and a shove from my acupuncturist at the time. I shall be forever grateful.

I attended The College of Traditional Acupuncture in Leamington Spa, set up in the 1960s by Professor J.R. Worsley and one of the oldest colleges in the UK. Sadly it no longer exists. I taught there for a number of years and represented the college at the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board in my last year there.

I practice Traditional Five Element Acupuncture. I have done many and various training courses over the years [including quite a few Japanese acupuncture courses with Stephen Birch and Zita West's infertility and IVF course] and have been influenced by them all, but return to the core of my training in my daily practice.

Five Element acupuncture focuses on the individual and asks the simple question, what is the root of the problem? I also treat the symptoms [don't worry] but without strengthening the energetic system on its fundamental level, any gains can be quickly lost.
I have witnessed profound change on many levels over the years. Sometimes this happens quickly and sometimes it requires patience and understanding.

I would like to include two quotes from Charlie Buck whilst he was chair of the B.Ac.C. in 2015 on the subject of professionals. It echoes with my heart.

"Amateur comes from the Latin root 'ama' meaning 'to love'. An amateur is someone who does something mainly because he loves it so much ... . Personally I see myself as an amateur first and a professional second - indeed it might be my amateurism that makes me a good professional. I study and develop not because I am told to, but because I love my profession. I love my vocation and want to continually improve my skills at it.

People want authenticity, honesty and practitioners who are entirely motivated by a desire to act always, and above all else, in the patient's interest. People want healthcare from professional amateurs."

Acu. magazine winter 2015 B.Ac.C London



Cost of Treatments

  • Traditional diagnosis treatment (1½ - 2 hours) £85
  • Follow-up treatments (1 hour) £50

You can now pay with a debit or credit card as well as by cash or cheque.


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