Pre- and Post- Treatment Advice


  • I am always happy to have a chat in person or by telephone before deciding on treatment. You can also email me.
  • Children need a familiar adult with them up to the age of 16. Treatment takes approximately half the time of adults and may not always involve needles.



  • Treatment involves having access, descreetely, to most areas of the body if needed, but mostly lower half of limbs. Pulses are taken at the wrist, tongues examined and questions gently asked.
  • Needles are placed very superficially into the skin, rotated slightly and removed or maybe left in for short periods of time. See "tools of the trade" for more information.
  • All treatment is only carried out with your CONSENT.

These are general guidelines - we are all so different!



Pre treatment advice

  • I ask people to avoid strong exercise/a big meal/a hot bath or sauna for at least a couple of hours before a treatment [these things all affect the pulses strongly and can make people feel a bit lightheaded after treatment]. Equally don't skip a meal before treatment for the same reason.

Post treatment advice

  • As above, plus generally avoid alcohol on the day of treatment and give a 2-3 day clear window before using other types of treatment. This allows the acupuncture treatment to settle in, but there are always exceptions in acute situations. Please talk to me if unsure.
  • Some people feel quite relaxed and slowed down after treatment so should drive with extra care.



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