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I have chosen a few publications for those interested in a little more knowledge of acupuncture, a few publications looking into some of the ideas at the root of acupuncture with five element acupuncture in particular, and some with a more light hearted approach.
There are a couple in there to do with food and the gut for good measure.
Some of these books may not be easily available, but might be worth tracking down.

My inspiration came from a school prize age 16 when I found a copy of the Dao De Jing in Tuckers bookshop in Stroud. Whilst my choice worried my headmaster, it proved to be a foundation stone for me. Who knew?


Understanding Acupuncture

P Mole

Written for the lay person, an updated view of acupuncture for the curious.


Talking About Acupuncture in New York

J R Worsley 1984
ISBN 0906540240

A classic, written for the lay person in a chatty style by the father of five element acupuncture.


Helping Ourselves: A guide to traditional Chinese food energetics

Daverick Leggitt
ISBN 9780952464004

A great book, complete with recipes. Has some concise descriptions of Chinese medicine concepts for damp, blood, xu etc.


Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture

Angela Hicks et al
ISBN 9780443071706

A more detailed and seriouis exposition of the topic.


Zita West's Guide to Getting Pregnant

Zita West 2005
ISBN 978-0-00-717371-6

A detailed yet accissible look at the subject, with very useful advice along the way.


Tao Te Ching

Lao Tsu, translation Gia-Fu Feng & Jane English
Wildwood House Ltd, London 1973

Many translations available


The Taoist I Ching

T Cleary
Shambala, Boston & London



Giulia Enders
Sribe Publications, London, 2015


Keepers of the Soul: The Five Guardian Elements of Acupuncture (Five Element Acupuncture)

Nora Franglen 2005


Essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Asiatic publications, Singapore, 2nd ed. 2004
ISBN 981-229-364-7

A thorough but very accisssible exploration using cartoons and pictures. (Hard to get hold of now.)


Dao De Jing

Lao Zi, new translation by Edmund Ryden
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008/



The Yellow Emperor's Medicine Classic

Zhou Chuncai
Asiapac comic, Singapore 1996
ISBN 981 3068 28 0


Keepers of the Soul

Nora Franglin
pub. Singing Dragon
ISBN 978-1-84819-185-3






Good information on elements.







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