Gongxi fa cai
Happiness and prosperity

Year of the Dog


I wish you a very happy Chinese New Yang Earth DOG Year 2018 - the year for using wisdom to find our way around obstacles and to be determined.

The second knee has gone even better than the first, I am glad to report.

I will be opening my clinic again from the 13th of February; please call for an appointment, if wanted, on

01453 847434

love, Sarah 'new knees' Parker



I have worked in the Stroud area as an Acupuncturist full time since 1994.

I have a discreet practice based at home in private surroundings in a quiet setting in Rodborough, Stroud in an 18th century stone house.

The clinic is on the ground floor and has relatively easy access - see relevant page.

I trained and taught at The College Of Traditional Acupuncture, Leamington Spa and specialise in five element acupuncture.




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